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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terms of our 101 Day Warranty:

1. All mechanical parts carry a 101 Day Warranty for the original purchaser.

2. All engine assemblies are warranted on the basis of a long block only. No bolt-on parts are warranted.

3. Warranty does not cover oil leaks or seals.

4. Warranty is void if parts are used for racing purposes or in connection therewith in any way whatsoever.

5. Warranty is void if improperly installed.

6. Warranty limited to replacement or credit up to the amount of purchase.

7. All mechanical parts carry a parts-only warranty, limited to the amount of purchase.

8. All warranty work must be done by Alberta Auto Wreckers, or permission to do work must be given by our authorized agent.

9. For warranty to be valid on transmission, new fluid, screen and seals must be installed at the time of the installation. Transmission lines and cooler must be professionally flushed under pressure or warranty is void.

10. For warranty to be valid on an engine, it must not be used with HD motor oil and the filter and spark plugs must be changed at time of installation.

11. Credit voucher may be issued at supplier’s discretion.

12. All sales and deposits are final—no cash refunds.

13. All electrical products are pretested and are not returnable if misdiagnosed.



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